How is it possible that it has been over 6 months since I have updated this site??  Life has been full of so many changes (all good) and I had a hard time figuring out the best way to manage everything.  One of my major internal conflicts with my business and blog is how much of my personal life I want to share. I love sharing with people – but maybe a bit too much!  I haven’t been very sure about where to draw the line, which made me basically just abandon my blog when I wasn’t pursing clients and only had personal updates to share.  Plus, we just had so much change that I couldn’t decide what to share first – so, here’s to finding a better balance!

One major change since posting client sessions is that we are now settled in Virginia Beach, VA.  Moving just before the holidays was pretty crazy, and took a lot more than I realized it would. We bought our first home (woohoo!) and are STILL decorating and unpacking, trying to make it feel more like home. It’s come a long way recently, but this is very unlike us to take so long with that process!  This move seemed to wear me out more than our others did. I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired, needing naps, didn’t have the energy to unpack and get organized right away, etc. I chalked it up to the holidays and having two kids instead of just one (though last move I was 7 months pregnant and it was fine). Which leads me to our next major change…

We’re pregnant again!  We found out in mid-December that I’m pregnant with our 3rd!  Suddenly, all that fatigue made a lot more sense!  The last several months has been a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, finding energy, not feeling sick, raising two littles, getting used to a new area, and trying to balance my business goals with family life. I realized mid-Winter that I needed to slow down a little bit and focus on just a few things instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything.  I did a few model call sessions with some amazing clients and even a wedding and will share those here soon!  But, after doing these sessions I knew that I just didn’t have the time or energy to really dive into opening business in VA quite yet.  My new goal is to get our home together as soon as I can, prepare for our baby boy’s arrival in July, and be ready to open shop in time for Fall sessions.  The amount of peace I felt when I came up with that plan, and gave myself grace to not accomplish everything at once, was just what I needed.  I am now 29 weeks pregnant and, surprisingly, am feeling better than I have the entire time.  I finally don’t have any sickness and have more energy as well. Moving and bending is getting more complicated, but that’s okay!

The last major change is to the actual business itself. While I still had a little bit of energy, I rebuilt my website, name of business, and basically did a mini-rebrand. I announced this on Facebook but never really did a real blog post about this so will do that in the future soon!

I hope to share some sessions here soon, and overwhelm you with the photos of my own life that I’ve been taking. I also plan to share some of our home pictures as well!  It’s been so fun decorating, though we have a long way to go. I secretly think if I blog about it, I’ll become more motivated and be able to finish a few more rooms!  Thank you so much for your patience with me if you have followed this blog!  I have NEVER been good at taking baby bump photos, so here is one my wonderful Dad took nearly two months ago (I think I was 22 weeks) with our announcement.  Looks like I need to add taking more bump photos to our never-ending to do list…


Stay tuned for more updates soon!