Naomi was my very first scheduled “real” photo shoot nearly two months ago now, but because of weather, we had to reschedule.  She was so patient with trying to find a good time, and willingly worked around our crazy three week adventure. I was so glad that our evening was so beautiful for this shoot!!  Originally, it was just going to be the boys but, thankfully, the reschedule meant we could include the entire family!

Naomi’s family includes her husband Todd, and three sweet boys.  Ethan is a fantastic older brother and did so well with taking pictures.  There was a playground right across from us but he held off and did great!  We celebrated Cabot’s first birthday with a cake smash and he loved it!  He very seriously ate the entire giant cupcake 😉  Naomi and Todd’s third son is Asher, represented by the bear in the photos. Asher was stillborn May 30, 2012.   The strength and poise that this family demonstrated is truly admirable and inspirational.  Asher’s memory is alive and well! Cabot and Ethan talk about him daily and know that they have a brother.  During this shoot, you could see the love and true understanding on Ethan’s face when he hugged Asher’s bear.  Life is full of loss and grief, but this family chooses to honor Asher and remember him well.  I hope that their story inspires others that have gone through the same thing or something similar.  There are so many families that experience this, and yet the topic seems foreign as it is never openly discussed. For those that know me, you know that we lost four babies (three pregnancies) through miscarriage  at 9.5 weeks along each time, and then had Lleyton at 25 weeks (but Rangeley at 38w6d!!).   My prayer is that stories like this will give others hope – that it is okay to grieve your loss – and it is okay to celebrate that life.  I am so grateful and honored to have been able to get to know this family and be reminded of this!!

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