Oh my goodness, I could have shared every single image from this session!  Something I am loving about this business is how quickly we can capture a memory.  When I think of taking family pictures for my own family, I get a bit overwhelmed (maybe that’s why we have never done it…yikes!?). But then I go and have these wonderful sessions and capture so many priceless moments in such a short amount of time!  It is just so worth it!  This session lasted 45 minutes at the most, and I had to force myself to cut down the photos to just under 100 images.  Are all of these images going to go in frames?  Of course not. But, each picture captures a different smile; a different side of one’s personality, and I know that I cherish those memories in my own family and hope that my clients do as well.

Our session started a bit early as we tried to beat the storm coming (that turned out to be a monsoon), and we had to end early when lightening started, but I am actually so glad that happened!  We were able to focus our time on getting family photos and a few of just the kids together, saving our next session for focusing solely on the baby (stay tuned for that INCREDIBLE session coming this week!!!!).  You can tell that we were dealing with some pretty heavy clouds, but I absolutely love these pictures. This family exuded joy and happiness, and I feel so blessed to know them!

From a photography standpoint, I am really proud of these images. I feel like they are much more my style, I was able to get more correct in camera which really cut down on post processing.  It is so nice to be making progress!  The last set with the chalkboard are the only photos that I would have made some changes to at the shoot, but I choose to blame the storms that were quickly rolling in 😉  2015-07-19_00302015-07-19_0002 2015-07-19_0003 2015-07-19_0004 2015-07-19_0005 2015-07-19_0006 2015-07-19_0007 2015-07-19_0008 2015-07-19_0009 2015-07-19_0010 2015-07-19_0011 2015-07-19_0012 2015-07-19_0013 2015-07-19_0014 2015-07-19_0015 2015-07-19_0017 2015-07-19_0018 2015-07-19_0019 2015-07-19_0020 2015-07-19_0021 2015-07-19_0022 2015-07-19_0023 2015-07-19_0024 2015-07-19_0025 2015-07-19_0026 2015-07-19_0027 2015-07-19_0028 2015-07-19_0029

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