I just absolutely loved getting to know this sweet family!!  They were so patient with photos.  Baby C (6 months old) was just not having it during our session. Between teething, growing, and an unfamiliar face, she wanted to call in sick for her modeling gig.  But, we were able to get some great shots anyway!  This is a prime reason why full family sessions are so important. Sometimes someone just doesn’t want to participate. And that’s okay!  My job is to make sure that everyone has a great time, and I get those beautiful moments, regardless – but sometimes it takes some time!  I am so thankful we were able to get some sweet smiles out of her.  And let me tell you, her big sister!?  Not only is she amazingly adorable, but she is a fantastic big sister. At only 3 years old, her patience is way beyond her years.  She smiled, laughed, danced, ran, and played with her sister. I was so impressed with her!

The family photos we took are some of my favorite so far.  Mom is a stay at home mom to these two sweet girls, and Dad travels a lot as a pilot.  As a wife of a husband who travels and works a lot, I know how hard this is for both parents.  I’m so glad they decided to use one of their few nights together to take these photos!  I love how Mom is looking at Dad is some of these and how Dad is playing with his girls. These are truly moments to be treasured. Thank you for letting me capture your family!!!

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