Happy Black Friday!!  I’m posting this in the morning, most likely to many of you just now coming home from early morning shopping – hopefully everyone was able to get some great deals!!  Black Friday shopping is secretly one of my favorite things to do, though I do most of it from the comfort of my computer now that I’m old, haha.  I have great memories of my sister and I starting at midnight at the outlets and shopping until 6am, finding entire wardrobes for ridiculously low prices.  Now I buy things like coffee makers…

In an effort to continue this blogging streak, I’m excited to share my last family session from Columbus!  Christina knew we were moving, though I didn’t have details on when, and she was so patient with me.  As soon as I found out we were leaving mid-November, we booked a session for Cassandra’s 9 month milestone and family Christmas photos.  We had such a wonderful evening!!  The girls did so well, as it was one of the chillier evenings we had had so far (notice that past tense…I know it’s become much colder already).  We were able to get amazing shots all in the same area of the park, and really captured the personalities of the girls and sweet family moments.  This is one of my favorite sessions to date!  It was so fun to see the growth in Cassandra in just a few short months, and the bond that has already grown between she and her sister.  I am so sad I won’t be there for her one year!!

Thank you so much for coming back to me to take these photos for you!!  I have loved getting to know your family and am honored!