I talk about how important it is to capture these moments, no matter what stage of life you’re in. And I mean it with every part of who I am. Photos are just priceless and everyone needs them in their lives. I am pretty good about getting pictures of my little ones weekly, sometimes daily. I’m pretty good about sneaking shots of my husband with them when he’s not looking. I’m ridiculously terrible about getting in the shots myself. It’s not necessarily on purpose, it’s just hard to get in the frame when you’re constantly creating that frame! But family photos – this is something we should be doing. It’s hard to find the time, it’s hard to convince everyone that it’s worth it, but this was something I wanted so badly for ME more than anyone else. I need these moments on my walls! I need them on my phone, in a photo book, and on my husband’s desk at work. When Chelsea Lyn Photography messaged me that she had a last minute opening, I dove in. Her work is beyond admirable (follow her on Insta – you’ll thank me). Her ability to capture emotion, her tones, her rawness. I just love it and couldn’t wait to see what we looked like as a family in her eye. And the end result? In my eyes (and those are the only eyes that matter when it comes to family photos, right??) – Perfection.

I outfit planned for a while – started pulling favorite pieces for everyone and kept them out. My outfit I changed a few times and even ordered the skirt I settled on last minute. I am SO glad I went with it, especially with the wind we were given that night! The movement adds so much!  And, it slightly hid my baby bump…oh yes, did I mention baby #4 is coming in March!? Yup! Life is about to get crazy again! So yes, it hid my bump enough as we hadn’t let a lot of people know yet (14 weeks when these were taken). But most importantly, I felt great in it and knew if I felt great, I would feel comfortable and confident and that would show in the images. Moms – this is so important in your own photos! Put yourself first for once! It will pay off in your photos. I planned everyone’s final outfits around the colors in mine and really liked the final outcome. In retrospect, I probably should have put Brooks (my youngest) in jeans as it ended up being chillier than expected, but it made him more cuddly so maybe that’s ok??

So here is my oversharing for the year! A TON of my favorites. I couldn’t narrow it down, and honestly didn’t want to. Chelsea is (unfortunately for us in VA Beach)   moving back home with her family to New England – so anyone up there, look her up in a few months and give her the business she deserves!!

And for the families that hire me, I hope and pray that I can give you even half of the joy that these images gave me. It makes me even happier and more honored to be able to do what I do!!