I always love how quickly I feel like I get to know my clients and start feeling like they are friends (hopefully this feeling is sometimes mutual!?).  I was a little nervous at first for this session as I have done so many with little ones, but I immediately remembered why I love ALL ages!!  Allison and Grady were so much fun!  They had a ton of energy, which was impressive considering it was after 7pm and Grady was coming from hockey practice.  These kids spend most of their time on the ice at hockey and figure skating practice, so they know how to have a good time!  Mom wanted to take advantage of Grady’s missing front teeth – so cute!!  We started our session at the waterfall while no one else was taking photos there, and then headed to the back of the Gardens.  Once we finished back there, we walked back to the front and I was able to capture some of their real moments together and just being playful.  This was just a mini session, but I was so glad to spend time with them and felt like we were able to capture so much personality in such a short time!  Thank you for choosing me to take your photos!

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