This mini session was SO much fun. Don’t you love when you meet people and it is just easy? I loved getting to know Eryn and her wonderful children. Eryn is an AMAZING mom. We were supposed to have a mini session but I got carried away (as usual) and it basically turned into a full session. They were just too cute and we had too many great options! Plus, Owen is a RUNNER so I had to be faster than him to get more photos than just the back of his head!! We strategically left the fountains for the end of the session, and you will be able to see why that was a brilliant idea! I just love that Eryn let both of her kids have a great time playing in the water. She didn’t worry that they would be wet (soaked) and just let them enjoy the moment. I am so excited to take more photos of this amazing family at the end of the month!!2015-07-13_0004 2015-07-13_0005 2015-07-13_0006 2015-07-13_0007 2015-07-13_0008

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