I am so glad that Nicole’s family wanted to do a mini session and a full session to really captivate who she is as a senior!  I had the priviledge of meeting a few weeks before and we were able to get some great photos. But, this session we could incorporate more of her talents and hobbies, as well as her personality!  AND…she had just found out she was accepted to her number one choice – Ohio University – that week!!  Congratulations, Nicole!!!

Nicole reminds me a lot of myself in high school (only way cooler), so we had a connection right away.  I truly loved getting to know her. It quickly brought me back to the same age, remembering that feeling of anticipation and wonderment about what the future holds.  It’s interesting to think of where I am now and compare it to where I thought I would be. I actually think I’m right where I thought I would be – or hoped I would be -and am so grateful for that!  I’m excited to hear what the future will be for Nicole. She has so much to offer our world, and I know she is going to make such a positive impact on those she meets.

We had a great time traveling through downtown Columbus and praying we wouldn’t lose light – that first day of daylight savings time is tricky!  Nicole is a softball player, violin player, works with the wrestling team, is active in Young Life, and so much more. She balances everything so well!

Nicole, all the best to you as you move on to your next adventure in life!!!  Thank you for letting me get to know you!  You know where to find me if you ever need anything 🙂2015-11-10_0001 2015-11-10_0002 2015-11-10_0003 2015-11-10_0004 2015-11-10_0005 2015-11-10_0006 2015-11-10_0007 2015-11-10_0008 2015-11-10_0009 2015-11-10_0010 2015-11-10_0011 2015-11-10_0012 2015-11-10_0013 2015-11-10_0014 2015-11-10_0015 2015-11-10_0016 2015-11-10_0017 2015-11-10_0018 2015-11-10_0019 2015-11-10_0020 2015-11-10_0021 2015-11-10_0022 2015-11-10_0023 2015-11-10_0024 2015-11-10_0025 2015-11-10_0026 2015-11-10_0027

**Marion Hinkley Photography is relocating to Virginia Beach, Virginia and will be accepting sessions soon!**