There is something about those last moments before having a new baby where you feel like time is standing still.  Some of that is you are just READY, and some is that you are cherishing your family as it is right now, knowing that it will never be the same.  You know that it will be forever changed for the better, and you love the anticipation that comes with that – the questions of wondering what the new dynamics will be like, what the new little one will look like, who will he/she resemble the most in personality.  But, you also want time to stand still just a little bit.  You long to freeze these moments where there is still a quiet calm and everyone knows their roles.  You cherish every smile and laugh in a different way, knowing that it will all be so different at any given time now.

I absolutely love that Rachel wanted to capture her family as it is now before this change happens.  The celebration that comes with a new baby is so exciting and all encompassing.  Newborn pictures, sibling pictures, new family pictures are all expected and a must have, but I truly love that she thought to take this time (even in her 39th week!!) to remember them as they are right now.  The weather was definitely not ideal, but we were thankfully able to grab a window of no rain over at Creekside in Gahanna.  They have a beautiful family and I am so excited for them to welcome Jackson Frank to their family!!

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