I wanted to blog this session a bit out of order, as my last blog (I know, I need to keep on top of this better) was of this sweet family.  Cassandra was just having a hard night our first session, so I offered a reshoot knowing we weren’t able to get her true personality. I am so happy to do that for my families – I want you to have the photos you truly wanted and to show your children as they are (usually, haha).  So, enjoy these sweet photos of Cassandra, and her sister and Mom!  I love so many of these precious moments.  2015-09-10_0098 2015-09-10_0099 2015-09-10_0100 2015-09-10_0101 2015-09-10_0102 2015-09-10_0103 Sometimes you can’t pick between color and black/white!2015-09-10_0104 2015-09-10_0105 2015-09-10_0106 2015-09-10_0107 2015-09-10_0108 2015-09-10_0109 2015-09-10_0110 2015-09-10_0111 2015-09-10_0112 2015-09-10_0113 2015-09-10_0114 2015-09-10_0115 2015-09-10_0116 2015-09-10_0117 2015-09-10_0118 2015-09-10_0119 2015-09-10_0120 2015-09-10_0121 2015-09-10_0122 2015-09-10_0123

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