I have wanted to share some of our home on here for so long. I have imagined this blog being a mix of business and personal, but haven’t been able to come close to finding that balance yet. So, hopefully this will be the start of that.  I’ll ease into the personal side by sharing my 4 year old’s room!  We finished this room in the first few weeks of living in this house way back in November/December, but I wanted to wait to take pictures of the space once I had the picture frames filled. Well, I didn’t realize I would wait 10 entire months to print photos for that room!  Whoops!  At least it is finished now.  I had to throw a few photos of Lleyton in there as well – the ONE time he wants me to take pictures of him is when that isn’t part of the plan…

Someday I’d love to replace the light fixture and may add a few more things in the future, but it’s staying as is for a little while!  2016-09-20_0001 2016-09-20_0002 2016-09-20_0003 2016-09-20_0004 2016-09-20_0005 2016-09-20_0006 2016-09-20_0007 2016-09-20_0008 2016-09-20_0009 2016-09-20_0010 2016-09-20_0011 2016-09-20_0012 2016-09-20_0013

Nautical Decor: Hobby Lobby

Bedspread: Homegoods

Wooden Boat: Passed down from Grandparents

Furniture: Passed down from other grandparents

Banner: Custom made by family friend