It’s so interesting to me how different people handle different situations.  For me, going from one to two kids was wayyyy harder than I anticipated. And, I anticipated hard!  I’m sure the lack of togetherness to everyone else makes that obvious, haha!  Rangeley is over 11 months and I’m STILL challenged daily on balance, patience, fatigue, and so much more. Just yesterday was one of the first times I have braved a clothing store with the two of them on my own – I lasted a solid 10 minutes before quitting and heading home!

Sarabeth and Jamie have two adorable littles now, Asher and Elias (don’t you love their names!?), and are handling this transition with so much grace and love!  Eli is already a touch over 5 weeks old, and you are starting to see a bit of personality come out.  He was tracking me the entire session, and taking everything in!  Asher is the sweetest older brother. He just turned two in July, and I was more than impressed with how much he cared about his brother.  To go along with transition, this family just relocated from Virginia (woo hoo!!) a few months ago.  That is a LOT – I know, as we did the same thing!  I love and am inspired by how they have jumped into community, made friends, and are on their way to truly making Columbus their home in such a short period.  I’m going to take a guess and assume that their awesome personalities have helped with that a bit.

My hope is that these photos provide them with a true memory of their family love.  I love how Jamie is looking at Sarabeth in some of these, how they are both looking at their boys, and the laughter and love that is among them.  We really got some sweet moments!!  One of my awesome sister-in-laws sent me a text this week that basically stated exactly what I love about my job and my hope for what my clients get from me with each session.  “You get to capture/highlight/document cool characteristics that make every client feel special…your photos make their lives seem so light and happy and beautiful…they are good solid reminders that “Look, proof. We’re happy and beautiful and awesome.”  Everyone needs that reminder in life!  Sarabeth and Jaime are doing amazingly well with their two, but when times get hard (as we all know they do), I hope they can look back on these photos and know the blessings they have and see their joy!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your family!!

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