Leap of Faith

Starting this business and finding my style, brand, and direction is a HUGE leap of faith for me.  I want this to be “successful”, though I’m still determining what that word means for me.  Part of what I am loving about this so far is getting to know my clients!  I am realizing though that I am getting to know YOU, but I would also love for you to get to know me!

Have you ever taken a personality test?  I remember taking one in high school and so wish I could remember the result as I took one recently and wonder how different they are now.  My personality (this year, haha) is ESFJ – the most common one out there!  For me, this test appeared incredibly accurate and seemed to sum up the core of who I am in about seven paragraphs (take your test at www.16personalities.com).  A theme of my personality that rings true in my daily life is the need for and love of community, and the need to be uplifted by others.  I view the former as a strength and the latter as a weakness often times.  Regardless, this is one reason why starting my own business in a field that doesn’t feel like it belongs in those seven paragraphs, is so terrifying to me.  However, I love that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone!  I think I have the best opportunity for the most growth in this endeavor and am really excited (i.e. petrified) to see where it takes me.

As I mention in my “About Me” section, my hobbies tend to be all over the place.  In high school, I battled between sports and singing, with sports being where I spent most of my time. I completely reversed that in college and spent nearly all day every day singing/arranging/performing music and playing sports on the side (notice I never mention going to class in that schedule…).  I have often felt like I have two different dominant sides and never sure which one I should “choose”.  One thing they both have in common is that I am extremely competitive (Or was. Maybe still am. Most of the time I am. What’s that? We’re racing? Game on!).  As much as I love to sing and somewhat love to perform (totally aids in that whole needing approval side of ESFJ’s), I have never felt artistic and the description “creative” strikes a chord of fear in me every time.  Maybe that is why I want to pursue this dream.  I don’t like to feel that fear.  Most of me would love to run and hide as I did when I had to learn the butterfly stroke at seven years old (45 minutes in the locker room still won’t get you out of learning it and eventually competing in it!), but thankfully, a small part of me is whispering “Do this. Go for it. Run toward your fear”.  I say thankfully because I know that even if I fail, this will provide me with the most growth.     I still cringe when I hear the word creative, or artsy, because I just don’t feel like I have those traits.  But, I am so excited to learn and conquer something that feels very out of reach!  I love that this will hopefully strengthen my weaknesses!

So that is a little bit about me and where this business is coming from!  I love getting to know my clients and hope to be able to call them friends. I love capturing their sweet families (and yes, you will see the word sweet from me often).  I love to see a photo that shows a precious moment frozen in time, making you smile at the memory or the personality that shines through.  I hope to continue this while we are still here in Columbus and really pursue this in Virginia Beach more full time.  I strive to get better with every session and can’t wait to see my photos become what I know they can be.

And, finally, here I am 🙂  These are a few of my favorites that were taken by the amazing Kari at KariMe Photography (http://karimephotography.com/mentoring-with-marion/).  Pretty sure I “favorited” 50 of the 60+ she delivered.  I mentored with her for a few hours last week, learning about her workflow, lighting, posing, and so much more. I pray that my pictures can look half as good as hers someday!  She is an amazing wedding and family/portrait photographer here in Columbus and has one of the sweetest and most genuine personalities you will ever meet.  She took my maternity photos last Fall (love those!!) and I was so grateful for this opportunity to learn from her.View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoring View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoring View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoring View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoring View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoringView More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/marion--mentoring