Oh my goodness, how I LOVE this session. I wanted to make sure I was able to get great photos even more than usual with this family. They were incredibly understanding as I had to reschedule our first session because of last-minute house hunting (more on the blog later for that topic), and THEN, I was thirty minutes late to our session!!! Who does that!?  I am usually early to my sessions, and just wrote the time wrong in my calendar. I blame the house hunting chaos (which was good chaos because we found an amazing home), but still pretty irresponsible.  So, the good news, is that it allowed us to catch an AMAZING golden hour.  So many of these photos are my favorite in my career so far!

Janine and Matt have been together for 19 years!!  Their bond with one another is perfect. You can tell they are truly best friends, and are raising Madigan in a home full of love. I absolutely loved taking their photos and capturing little moments. And, it was so easy with them!  Many times in our sessions, the husbands are not the initiator in having the photos scheduled. Matt was no different, and we joked how I should have brought him a beer. But, I know he ended up having a good time – and the photos we captured of him, especially with Madigan?  They are truly priceless.  And (he’ll have to vouch for this), pretty painless as well!  All I had to say was “Just play with her”, and we had these amazing photos just a few minutes later.  Wives – tell your husbands it’s just not that bad!!

And, Madigan!?  What an absolute doll!!!  She has so much personality and is just adorable.  I loved taking her photos and capturing who she is. I always am amazed at how it just takes a few minutes to show so much character!

Janine and Matt, thank you for letting me put you in trees (twice), make you lay in a field, and run you all over the place for that hour!  Thank you for trusting me to put your memories into images.  I hope you enjoy your photos!!

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**I have two sessions remaining for Mini’s this Sunday! Email marionhinkleyphotography@gmail.com if you are interested!  Please see my Facebook page for more information about available dates before we move to Virginia**