Fall is HERE!!!  It’s amazing to me that I am 30 years old and STILL forget that I LOVE Fall!  The crisp, clear air is so refreshing, the colors are breathtaking, and a sense of calm is always present.  This was my first Fall session of the season and it was the perfect evening.  We had gorgeous weather, and this family is just so great!  We took all of these in their gorgeous backyard – something I love to do.  I love the added memory and personal touch that this setting provides. And, it doesn’t hurt that their backyard is amazing!

Amy and Adam are another new family to Ohio and I am so glad they are here!  They have two amazing little girls who were so much fun to photograph.  We were able to capture some really sweet moments between everyone and I truly loved our time together. I love leaving sessions like I have new friends – it always gives me renewed hope in our world!

Amy and Adam, thank you for choosing me to photography your family!  I hope you love these images as much as I do!

2015-09-26_0001 2015-09-26_0002 2015-09-26_0003 2015-09-26_0004 2015-09-26_0005 2015-09-26_0006 2015-09-26_0007 2015-09-26_0008 2015-09-26_0009 2015-09-26_0010 2015-09-26_0011 2015-09-26_0012 2015-09-26_0013 2015-09-26_0014 2015-09-26_0015 2015-09-26_0016 2015-09-26_0017 2015-09-26_0018 2015-09-26_0019 2015-09-26_0020 2015-09-26_0021 2015-09-26_0022 2015-09-26_0023 2015-09-26_0024 2015-09-26_0025 2015-09-26_0026 2015-09-26_0027 2015-09-26_0028 2015-09-26_0029 2015-09-26_0030 2015-09-26_0031 2015-09-26_0032 2015-09-26_0033 2015-09-26_0034 2015-09-26_0035 2015-09-26_0036 2015-09-26_0037 2015-09-26_0038

**I am booking through October 2015 only!  I have a few spots open for mini sessions in mid-October and space for a few more full sessions. Please contact me if you are interested in booking a session!**