When Lisa asked if we could do a downtown session, I LOVED the idea!  I haven’t had the opportunity to have a session there yet, and couldn’t wait to take advantage.  We had such a great time!  We had a few specific photos we wanted to try to capture, and other impromptu poses as well.  Some of the ideas, like crossing the street, had us all laughing as we tried to capture that the way we wanted. Let’s just say that we may have crossed the street more than once.  This family is ridiculously photogenic and listened SO well to my direction, so narrowing down photos was actually really difficult.  When I look over the pictures, I feel like we were having this magical experience creating memories instead of a 45 minute photo session. That’s my favorite type of session! Downtown has some amazing spots for photos, and we only utilized about three different areas in a very small radius of the city. I can’t wait to do more sessions there and explore more!

2015-07-31_0001 2015-07-31_0002 2015-07-31_0003 2015-07-31_0004 2015-07-31_0005 2015-07-31_0006 2015-07-31_0007 2015-07-31_0008 2015-07-31_0009 2015-07-31_0010 2015-07-31_0011 2015-07-31_0012 2015-07-31_0013 2015-07-31_0014 2015-07-31_0015 2015-07-31_0016 2015-07-31_0017 2015-07-31_0018 2015-07-31_0019 2015-07-31_0020 2015-07-31_0021 2015-07-31_0022 2015-07-31_0023 2015-07-31_0024 2015-07-31_0025**Interested in booking a session?  Please email me at marionhinkleyphotography@gmail.com!**