This session was so good for my soul, and I did NOT see that coming! I mainly work with families with little ones. Those are the times that you’re all together and when it just feels easier to get family pictures. But I am so so glad Jessica reached out to me about doing their family photos while they were finally together again. With two in the military on opposite coasts, and the other three in Georgia, this meet up in Virginia was a quick visit and we had to make it work regardless of the weather God gave us. Honest moment: I don’t know if I ever been as nervous heading to a session as I was for this one. I had researched, I had prepped, I was ready…and I was so nervous. These were all grown ups! No little ones to make laugh or be silly in front of – my normal tricks were not going to work. But as soon as I got there and introduced myself, all nerves went out the window. This family is just so special. I immediately felt like we were long time friends and we had the best time together. The weather didn’t want to cooperate – right at the time we were supposed to start in Norfolk, it was raining. But all of a sudden, the rain stopped and we were able to get started. And the the sky completely cleared and we even had a time period of zero clouds. And when the session was over, it rained the entire time I drove home to Virginia Beach. I felt like this session just needed to happen, and God knew that. So, families with older kids – it’s still important to get those photos done! I know every time I’m with my family, I bring my camera and then never actually take pictures of them or us. These moments matter, too!!  Jessica, thank you so much for introducing me to your sweet siblings and parents and for trusting me with these memories. I can only pray that my kids ends up half as fun and sweet as you all are!!!


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