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I have thought seriously about starting a blog for months now….maybe years?  But wasn’t quite sure what I would concentrate on and imagined that it would most likely be a bit all over the place.  I have finally found some focus, but anticipate this blog still being a bit random.  That is what my life is – organized chaos, as is most parents’ lives.  As a stay at home mom who once had a career, I have struggled with finding my new purpose (outside of the all-important task of raising children who are well-mannered, smart, hard workers, good listeners, strong athletes, and anything else you want your kids to be).  I find a new hobby weekly it seems, and my entrepreneur spirit immediately decides “I’m going to own that hobby”.  Then, just as quickly, I get overwhelmed (or the baby needs to eat and the toddler is falling down stairs), and the idea and motivation is gone and I”m on to the next when I have another moment to breathe.

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Not this time, though!  I hope.  This is me chasing my dream and sticking to it.  Taking those moments of ambition and reminding myself that it is okay to take a leap of faith. That deciding to pursue photography isn’t going to mean that I can’t chase other dreams, or won’t be present with my kids.  I’m so excited for this adventure and following through on something I have wanted for a long time.  I’m proud to be at least somewhat diving in instead of being driven by fear.

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I love taking pictures, I REALLY love getting better at taking pictures, and I especially love taking pictures of my kids.  I love capturing their sweet smiles, bright and innocent eyes, fun personalities, and then plastering them all over my house (and sometimes Facebook).  This blog is a way for me to share this love with you and I am so excited to start preserving these same memories for other families.  If you decide to stick around, be warned that you are probably going to hear my random thoughts on life, my struggles as I try to be that “perfect” Mom, most likely lots on fitness and eating better (because I need accountability and hey, you’re already here!), and you’ll witness my learning curve as a hobbyist-turning-professional photographer.  But, THANK YOU for any reading you decide to do. Thank you for supporting me and I look forward to sharing with you!

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