This session is one where everything lined up perfectly. Our good friends were finally expecting their first little one and we couldn’t have been happier for them. They are the type of people that are just meant to be parents.  They’d said for years they wanted me to photograph their little one, but I never really took them seriously. Until the time came and they were still hoping I’d come – I was so so glad they weren’t kidding!!  Little Miles was 4 weeks old at our session. I had originally planned to fly to San Diego two weeks earlier, but our house came down with just about every cold and flu you could imagine, and then rinsed and repeated for a while. It was really a bit ridiculous. I pushed back my flight and prayed that we would all be healthy in time. Thankfully, most of us were! My two year managed to catch the last round of a cold as I was leaving, but I felt more confident that she would be okay with family. The trip was quick, as I’ve never left my kids for more than a few hours and didn’t want to be away from them very long, but absolutely perfect! We did this session off and on all day Tuesday, and even a bit on Wednesday morning. It was just an effortless session. Maybe I need to move in with all of my clients for a couple of days! I have always thought that lifestyle newborn photos would be perfect around this time frame, and this really helped me feel confident in those later weeks. By four weeks, Mom and Dad really know their new baby. You’ve had a chance to catch up on a little sleep (or just lose a whole lot depending on your baby), and you have a little bit of a routine. You aren’t worried if the baby is hungry, etc. because you know his cues and trust your instincts more. You are more in love than ever with them simply because you know them better. Trust me, I still love those sessions within the first couple of days, but there was something beautiful about the lack of stress and the comfort surrounding this session that makes me want to really encourage the combination of Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle sessions to get the best of both worlds!

We were able to get some beautiful shots of the family and Miles both awake and asleep. I made sure to grab some images of the most adorable nursery, and of course those black and white detail photos are a must. I am so excited to watch him grow up, and see his parents do what they do best – they’re pretty amazing at everything!  Nick is the one that suckered me into my first marathon and my husband into a 40 mile run – with smiles on our faces!!

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