Being able to learn from one of the best in family photography is just incredible. This girl, you guys. She puts everything into her work. Her heart and soul is such an obvious part of every session, and it was even more visible in person. Sarah Hill has been photographing and perfecting the authentic family session for years, so when she opened up a workshop to those that already had her online guide, i jumped at the chance. Pretty literally. I was at my computer and emailed the second it turned to 9am and booking opened (by the way, that amazing guide is now updated and you NEED to purchase it if this is the type of photography you want to shoot!!). I was nervous about leaving the kids, but had a little bit of a practice run with that back in April when I flew to San Diego for a super quick trip. And, my husband was home this time, so I could rest easy that the kids would be perfectly comfortable. And I’d definitely be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to get a true mini vacation!! I was lucky enough to stay with another amazing photographer friend – Whitney Coudray Photography. She and I met online a few years ago and I was so happy to meet her in person! It was so fun to stay together! We both have young kids so we may or may not have treated ourselves to pedicures, wine, clothes, etc. during our “work” trip. Washington friends – check out her work!! She has such great talent and a heart of gold!

I won’t get in too many details about the workshop, but I loved what I learned and came home on fire for my business. I am just so encouraged and motivated to really make this more than a side hobby business and much more of a career. We’ll see how big of a career, but I’m excited to try and put more into this. I love what I do. I love the opportunity to provide these images for families and want to be able to do this no matter where we live!

Here are a “few” favorites from our downtown session at the end of the workshop! That light – it is amazing what it does for my soul! Things I did a little differently that night: Shot almost solely at 1.4, and shot on JPEG! I was surprised how much I loved shooting that wide open again. I’ve been a little afraid of my Sigma Art 35 and have been shooting mainly at 2.2. I was so pleased with how well the lens handled it, though! Shooting in JPEG was interesting. I didn’t mind it, but it’s supposed to be a time saver and it just wasn’t for me. My editing workflow is so adjusted for a RAW image, that I spent a ton of time trying to manipulate my tones into what I normally shoot, and really couldn’t get them there. I love these as they are, but I think I’m going to stick with RAW for now!

Enough photography talk – enjoy!!