What a GORGEOUS evening we had at Inniswood the other night!  I really couldn’t believe the weather.  We have had so much rain SO MUCH RAIN this summer and most of my sessions have needed to be rescheduled to different timesframes, and sometimes different days to accommodate.  This is one of the only sessions we have been confident in our original date!  I haven’t had the privilege to shoot at Inniswood yet, though had my maternity photos done by the amazing KariMe Photography there last September, and just LOVED all of the beauty. I was so excited to take the Risley’s here and take advantage, especially with that beautiful light we had!  The Risley’s did so well with moving all over the park trying different locations.  I know that it wasn’t easy on a 9 and 12 year old to do an hour long session, but they were amazing!  Everyone was so patient and I loved that a lot of the shots were from collaborative ideas :).

Dena is active duty Navy so I was really happy to get to know her family better than just the brief interactions we have had at military functions.  First and foremost, THANK YOU, to Dena and her family for their service and sacrifice!!  Hopefully these pictures will remind them of wonderful memories from Ohio before their next move!

2015-07-16_0001 2015-07-16_0002 2015-07-16_0003 2015-07-16_0004 2015-07-16_0005 Notice something here? Haha…2015-07-16_0006 2015-07-16_0007 2015-07-16_0008 2015-07-16_0009 2015-07-16_0010 2015-07-16_0011 2015-07-16_0012 2015-07-16_0013 2015-07-16_0014 2015-07-16_0015 2015-07-16_0016 2015-07-16_0017 2015-07-16_0018 2015-07-16_0019 2015-07-16_0020 2015-07-16_0021 2015-07-16_0022 2015-07-16_0023 2015-07-16_0024 2015-07-16_0025**Interested in booking a session? Please email marionhinkleyphotography@gmail.com**