I am getting so excited about my hopes and dreams for this business. This first year is full of learning and self-discovery!  I feel like my work is growing, and my love for capturing moments is only expanding.  I recently upgraded my camera and lens, and it is SO fun discovering what can be done with that. I am investing in workshops and mentoring sessions, and learning as much as I can all the time.  This session made me feel like the hard work (and money, haha) is going to be worth it.

I just can’t say enough great things about this session.  Everything came together perfectly!  The sun came out and gave us great light, this family is absolutely gorgeous and wore great outfits for photos (it truly makes a difference, I promise), they were so much fun – full of laughter and love, and we were able to capture amazing moments.  I really couldn’t narrow this gallery down, so have overshared on Facebook, will now overshare on here, and will over-deliver as well!

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