This post is so long overdue!!  We have had a crazy couple of weeks, and I am pretty much laughing at the version of myself from two weeks ago that thought I would be able to maintain life and moving all at the same time.  Moving in general is hard, moving with a toddler is harder, moving with a toddler and 13 month old is 19,000x harder than that. I can’t even imagine what the next move will look like! We had so many amazing family members and friends help on both ends, and it still has left me far more exhausted than I ever thought it would. But, the good news is that we are in our new home with lots unpacked and on our way to feeling settled!  The better news is that I was finally able to sit down yesterday and finish this sweet girl’s session!

Megan is such an amazing girl, mature beyond her age, and just so cute!  She plays the saxophone and hopes to play for OSU as well! Her sister, Hannah, is a sophomore at OSU and came along and jumped in a few shots at the end. I loved watching them together, and hope that they will be able to grow even closer to one another if they are able to go to the same school.  Megan, thank you so much for allowing me to get to know you and take your photos!  We had a blast at Jeffrey Mansion, exploring new areas and getting a lot of variety in the photos.  Her genuine spirit shows through each, and I love how we were able to really capture who she is!  I can’t wait to see what her future holds!!