I am so so grateful for this family and their willingness to do a sunrise session with me!  I had a session push back last minute one weekend, but we were finally going to have beautiful weather and I wanted to take advantage of it! So, I put a quick post up in a local group, offered a discount to accommodate for the last minute request and early hour, and was able to meet Mary, Chris, and their adorable son, Jude!  I am beyond grateful they were willing to do this!  If I have my kids with me, I am pretty much unable to commit to anything before 9am, so the fact that they were able to meet me at 7am with a 15 month old?  Crazy impressive.  Let me tell you – so so worth it!!  At least in my opinion, ha!  I have seen other photographers gorgeous work from sunrise sessions and couldn’t wait to try it. The golden hour is both early morning and evening, and I know that as hard as it is to get out of the house that early, most children are actually happier when they wake up than if they are pushed past bedtime!  This session showed me exactly what I hoped – I want to do more of these!!

I loved watching Mary and Chris with their son. The smiles on their faces and in their eyes as they watched him – it’s a beautiful love that parents are gifted!  We were blessed to have a few photos with our son at around the same age by my amazing cousin, Jessica Patton, at a family reunion, and I treasure them so much.  It was so fun to be on the other side of a similar session!  It was a GORGEOUS morning and a beautiful location. Schiller Park was so peaceful at that time in the morning, and the glow of the sun coming through the trees added to the serenity.  Once we finished in the park, we walked over to German Village. So cute!!  I know there is a lot more to explore in that area, but we took advantage of the cobblestone and brick streets, and had a blast. I wanted to try some middle of the street shots, so we took turns watching for cars:)  I’m pretty sure a rule in business is not to have your clients hit by a car…

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed our time!  The expressions at Jude’s age are just priceless. I am probably putting too many photos in here, but I just love so many of them!  Every experience is so new for him! I loved getting to know this family and am so happy to have captured these memories for them.  2015-08-06_0001 2015-08-06_0002 2015-08-06_0003 2015-08-06_0004 2015-08-06_0005 2015-08-06_0006 2015-08-06_0007 2015-08-06_0008 2015-08-06_0009 2015-08-06_0010 2015-08-06_0011 2015-08-06_0012 2015-08-06_0013 2015-08-06_0014 2015-08-06_0015 2015-08-06_0016 2015-08-06_0017 2015-08-06_0018 2015-08-06_0019 2015-08-06_0020 2015-08-06_0021 2015-08-06_0022 2015-08-06_0023 2015-08-06_0024 2015-08-06_0025 2015-08-06_0026 2015-08-06_0027 2015-08-06_0028 2015-08-06_0029 2015-08-06_0030 2015-08-06_0031 2015-08-06_0032

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